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Sooner or later film was bound to come knocking...


After attending the Las Vegas Academy for four years majoring in classical guitar, Chaz Dray then received his bachelors degree in audio production from the Art Institute of Las Vegas, graduating in 2012. While learning the skills of recording, mixing, and mastering an interest in film ultimately led to a change in focus. With a passion for all things horror and comics a new career began.


Since graduation, Chaz has worked on short films and music videos often dealing in the horror/metal genre's while also producing corporate videos. After meeting longtime friend/collaborator Adam Michaels, a string of well received projects have been produced including  MORBIUS: THE LIVING VAMPIRE, a short film honoring the antihero of MARVEL. 


With a background in music, most projects Chaz works on are also partially or entirely scored by himself as well, drawing from his idol John Carpenter. 


In 2013 Chaz directed PLAY DEAD WITH ME, a short horror film that was part of the Bloody Cuts "Who's There" film competition. Of the hundreds of submissions the film was selected into the top 10 and featured by Bloody Cuts.


Inspiration from music, videogames, comic's, and films have influenced his directing style and the different themes in projects. Often reflecting around the unfortunate hero. 


With film and music as his playground Chaz looks to continue creating stories and writing music that terrify, inspire, shock, and entertain audiences. Following in the footsteps of giants he continues to build his career as a director. There is much to come!


Chaz Dray was born in Napa Valley, California and currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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